Member bookings at Yalara Alpine Ski Lodge can now be made using the online booking system at

Members login into the online booking system by using their member number and surname. Your member number can be found on previous invoices. Alternatively, contact the Secretary Andrew Frater and he will advise you of your member number.

For members who do not have access to the online booking system or non members please follow the instructions below.

Bookings for Yalara Alpine Ski Lodge require a member’s approval. Applications without a member’s approval will not be considered, and members will be contacted for confirmation. 

Please download the relevant booking form in the list  below as a word document or PDF file. There are three options for sending the booking form:

  1. Scan the completed form and email it as an attachment to the booking manager Nicola Moran at
  2. Take a photo of the form and email it as an attachment
  3. Post the completed form to The Booking Officer, 41 Rembrandt Drive, Middle Cove, NSW. 2068

Before submitting a booking form please read the booking rules carefully.

Refund Policy on Bookings

The refund policy of the Club is that refunds are determined on a case by case basis and the final approval for the refund is given by the Board of Directors of the Co-operative.

Booking Forms

Choose which form is best for you and download it here: